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I’ve been on the self-development (track?) hard-core for the past 4
years. Before that I was living in a self-imposed exile, digging in
my heels and following a course that led me to depend only on my
intellectual gifts to carve out a certain amount of success as a
Software Engineer. But as I moved up the career ladder, my soul was

This year I found myself confronting some particularly hard truths
about myself, and realizing that as much as I have learned and as much
as I have been striving to reinvent myself, my old personality and
limitations have stubbornly persisted.

One Saturday morning as I was contemplating redoubling my efforts to make
fundamental improvements in my life, I came across an email talking
about something called the Master Key Experience. Now I get probably
a hundred emails every day from people selling self-development
courses and programs. I’ve spent a ton of money on such programs and
devoured a tremendous amount of material, to the point where I could
easily teach my own courses and workshops. But after all is said and
done, the one thing I had learned with certainty is that all the
knowledge in the world is worthless unless that knowledge can be
translated into action, and the results I had been seeking continued
to elude me.

After knocking on the door of my awareness for several weeks, on that
particular morning I woke up and started paying attention.


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